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All about me….

My favorite color is blue but not just any blue. Its a lavender sky right before the sun sets deep into a long night a kind of comfort that confides in ombres and pastels. My shoe size is 7.5 and I have over 50 pairs… although some of them arent even my size! I love to go to good will and flip the things I find. I like sipping wine and trying new foods. My goal is to travel and share all my thoughts and experiences with you through my blog. It’s most likely going to become a messy site full of random posts but im passionate about writing and Im trying not to filter. I’m putting myself out there fully in hopes that you can connect with my work and ideas. I’ve found that raw unedited honest poetry hits the hardest, sinks in the deepest. So thats what its about, I’m uncovering reality for what it really is in the only way I know how…. poetry and poorly written free verse