the daily memo

hi there, welcome to the daily memo. Simply a page dedicated to the little things life throws at me.

Thursday March 19, 2020… i am babysitting today while their mother is working in the basement. Its giving me a lot of unnecessary anxiety because the kids wont listen to me and are running straight to their mother. I am usually quite confident and have things under control but I feel bad because I know he’s only doing it to get her attention because she works all the time. The balance of work, school, family and fun has all been thrown off in this household due to the coronavirus. However I feel that it has balanced out my own life. I think I needed this. Isn’t that odd?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020… I woke up at 5pm today. Keep a normal schedule they say. Well I stayed up all night worrying and then finally passed out mid morning. So heres to a normal schedule…. water–> vitamins –> food –> laundry in the tub –> kitty litter–> shower/bath –> eat –> school work and netflix… back to bed again 6 hours later. What a day….

Tuesday, March 17, 2020… I just got home from babysitting all day and he has made dinner and cleaned up the living room! He can be taught. Things are good and going as planned if there was such a thing. I have a slight fever but we determined it to be allergies. Phew!

Sunday, March 15, 2020… I went to five goodwills today. Found lots of shoes to clean and resell and some cute things for myself. Check out my Mercari page to see what I found! And if you’re new to Mercari use my invite code for 10$!!